Khwahish Group of Companies since 2000


Khwahish Group of Companies since 2000 are leading suppliers of Fiber-Optic Solutions for Residential and Enterprise Broadcom, Telecom, Datacom, Medical, Test & Measurements, and Industrial Markets.

With over 97 Customers in 26 Countries Khwahish Group's market segment by business caters to the following areas

  • Sensing | Medical
  • Test & Measurements | Telecom & datacom

Our Business Structure

Khwahish Technologies: Leading provider of Residential and Enterprise Fiber based Broadband Access Solutions, WiFI Access Solutions, and In-building Solutions.

Aeon Corporation: Leading provider of Photonic Amplification Solutions and Photonic Discrete and Integrated Devices.

Aisthon: Leading provider for Industrial Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions for Perimeter Security Sensing, Structural Sensing, and Transportation Sensing.